Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Remembered Thoughts.

Yesterday as hard as I tried I could neither find the energy or the inclination to do very much. This cold has eaten into the very core of my being and drained me of anything. I spent the biggest part of the day just lying in bed taking warm drinks.

There can so easily be a tendency to feel very sorry for oneself when you are feeling ill. My cell phone bleeped to signal incoming emails. I almost reached over to switch it off, but did not. One email from a very dear friend carried the terrible news of the death of his 26 days old grandson. There are no words that can ever reach into the depth of such sadness, but just being there is all you can do.

Such news certainly makes you think of life in its perspective. As I lay in bed last night trying to find sleep in the midst of the coughing and restlessness I thought of  all the words and all the stories and none of them fills the gap.

So I share with you some of the scribbling’s from my notebook of sayings that seemed to make some sense to me.

Enjoy life and the changing seasons, we know not how long we have them.

Avoid grand plans: just respond to things as they arise.

Push your own self to one side, as far as you are able, so you can see other people more clearly.

Instead of seeking fulfilment, seek only to be empty. This will create space for true understanding.

Do not value power, but do value peace.

It’s alright to swing between joy and sadness, glory and failure for there is not great difference between them.

Breathe slowly and listen for the order in the universe.

May today be one of peace to all those who read this and all those I hold dear.

This blog is linked to my other where I speak of the artwork used. Poppies


  1. Good Morning Ralph, I am hopeful today will be better for you. Nice "notebook of sayings" you have accumulated over the years, I always look foreward to reading one and begin my day that way.

  2. Ah Ralph...I am so sorry to hear of your friend's loss. There really are no words to comfort one who suffers such a devastating loss. As you said, you can only be available for them. The news breaks my heart.

    I hope you are feeling better today, Ralph.

  3. get better Ralph..I like the thought about being empty..something I need to try to do. I love the painting..it would lend itself well to watercolor..just don't wimp out on the color saturation..because the Poppies need the vibrant color..I kind of dislike washy light watercolors...

  4. Beautiful words Ralph. Feel better soon.

  5. The watercourse will have its way--everything in its own time. Spring in on it's way--thought that would fit in somehow. Wm

  6. Thanks Ralph, for the nice words. You know why my heart goes out to your friends. I feel for them.

  7. hope and healing to you my dear poppy painter...you paint flowers on the souls of many, mine included dear ralph!

  8. Hey Ralph, hope you get better soon. I had no idea of your computer crash or would have popped over with a comment sooner. :)

    As you possibly know I have a little booklet of my own filled with writings, quotes, sayings and I am going to poach a couple of yours from your list today ... please?

    The quotes I've chosen kind of go against the grain of other saying sin my book eg 'Avoid great plans ...' So I am excited to try a new outlook - thanks. :)

  9. Enjoyed your scribblings, especially 'Push your own self to one side...' Wishing you the best in feeling better soon. Take care.

  10. Hi Ralph! Sickness turns all of us into narcissists. I think it helps us get better. Actually, illness is like the child who will not stop asking for something and demands our attention until we give in.

    Each saying has something to offer, but only to those who are willing to receive it. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ralph, I hope you feel better soon! I had a similar day to yours--not much accomplished. You have to take the time to recover. I don't have a good excuse! I agree with your notebook notes. Here is something I keep on my computer and refer to whenever anyone I know "leaves us". It always makes me feel better (I don't know who wrote it...it sounds like something YOU could have penned):

    Nothing escapes nature’s cycle.  Not plants, horses, trees, birds, or human beings.  Not the life of the mind.  Not the life of the heart.  Not the life of the spirit.  All living things emerge, gather, spark new life, fall apart, die, and emerge in new ways.  Each soul is a gust of God’s breath unfolding in the great energy that surrounds us like an ever-moving stream.  The goal is not to cheat death, but to live in the stream with humility and aliveness that only an acceptance of death can release.