Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Do To Others.

I am today just going to share a story with you. I have my reasons for sharing this story and so I am telling this one again as much for myself as anybody else.

It is the story of an old man. His wife, who he had loved for many many years, had died and he was left on his own. It soon became obvious to his daughter and son in law that he was really not managing on his own.

They decided that they should come and stay with them. They made one of the rooms in their house into a little living area for him and moved his own bed in there also.

Each evening they would all gather round the family table for evening meal. He so loved his two grandchildren and loved to hear about what they had been doing during the day. The laughed and joked, everything seemed to be going well.

As he got older his hands began to shake. He would drop food off his fork onto the floor and table. He would spill his drink. His daughter at first was happy to clean up for him but more and more she got upset by it. She began to get angry with him and no more looked forward to evening meal.

One day she decided she had put up with it long enough. She bought him a wooden bowl and a spoon and began to give him his meal alone away from the table. Once he was finished she would clean up and then the family had their meal, he went off to his room.

One day the grandson was sitting playing with some play dough. His mother asked him what he was doing. He told her he was making a bowl for her so that when he was old, and she was old, he would have a special bowl just for her.

She stood and looked and felt the tears run down her face. She realised just what she had been doing. She felt terrible.

That evening her father was back at the table with the family. It did not seem to matter that he spilled food or drink. She loved him and he had loved her and cared for her when she spilled food.

Sometimes we do things without thinking or seeing the effect they will have on others.

Whoever it was that first spoke the words of the, “Golden Rule,” got it so right. It can be found in three forms from the ancient writings but what it says is simple. Treat others as you would want them to treat you.

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  1. Great post. I currently have my 92 year old mother with me; her vision is limited so yes, spills and 'stuff' all over her eating place; but no one comments; we all know the dear old soul would be so mortified if she knew.

    Funny your post should appear now, the other day while lacing her snowboots I wondered how often and how patiently she had laced mine!
    Her mind is still so sharp, still inquisitive and wanting to know 'what is that' when she hears of a new product. Her body is just having difficulty keeping up with her mind just now.

    She watches a daily soap and I hope I don't become 'hooked' on her soap; since she can't really see the characters I have to transcribe what is happening in the 'soap'.
    When I feel exhausted my daughter reminds me 'patience mother, I may have to do the same for you'!

  2. The Golden Rule ...It's something that we should all live by every day.. for everyone.
    Do unto others... if you always put yourself in the other persons place, it would help us be a kinder, gentler world.

  3. Great story and perfect message. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh Ralph..I wish I could convince my dear sister to read this post. She moved in with my 85 yr. old Mother when Mom broke her hip in 2008 and has refused to move out. Making her and my Mother miserable. They bicker and disagree. My Mom just wants to live on her own in her wonderful old house that is full of memories of my Dad and our lives. My sister wants to change everything. She wants my Mother to not get old and forgetful. It is sad she cannot make her own way and find a new place to live and go on with her life. My Mother told me the other day..what will happen to me will happen whether Kim is here or not. I love her and want her to move on. We are a family of strong and independent women. I think we tend to want to control our lives a bit too much. Thereby controlling others around us. I learned a valuable will happen and I have control over how I will react to it and not much else!! My Mom is getting very old and somewhat forgetful but she knows what she wants and is aware of her abilities.

  5. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.