Thursday, 5 May 2011

It Can Work Wonders

It Can Work Wonders.

It costs not a thing
But it can give so much.
It fills the life of the receiver.
Without the giver losing
It but just a moment takes
But will linger in the thoughts for years.

The richest person .
Gets richer yet when it is given.
                                              The poorest gets no poorer
By  giving to the rich.

It creates happiness in the home.
In the place of work it brings goodwill.
It brings rest to the weary.
It cheers the person feeling low.

It is like a touch of sunshine on a gloomy day.
Bringing joy to the most sad.
It does all this and even more
And not just once,
 but on and on.

It cannot be bought.
The beggar cannot claim it.
The owner cannot give on loan
Nor can the thief take in the dead of night

It has no value due or worth
Until the giver gives.
There are those who know not how to give.
The ones who need it most.
So as the day goes slowly on.
Give them one of yours.
As none has more need than one who has none to give.

Today I plead to you
To give a smile to all you see.

I am somehow in that frame of mind where paint is coming hard and my head is full of thoughts and words. I apologise therefore that this blog and my other now has verse on each on the same day. 

This blog is linked to my other.  Gone But Still Around


  1. I love the photo, Ralph! You are such a handsome gent. I could use these words now too. Thank you, friend.

  2. Nice to see you Ralph. Thanks for the smile.

  3. Words and thought are the seeds of great art! Have a great day Ralph! :)

  4. Good Morning Ralph, nice to see you here! A Smile certainly is the door to beauty and it is always easier than frowning! How's your garden?

  5. The garden plot is doing very well in spite of the lack of rain. Most of my seeds are showing through as are all my potatoes. I am amazed that I have almost filled a huge plot.

  6. Hi Ralph-- Thanks for reminding me to dust off the old hiking boots and get out there. You look like you need a well deserved break after humping up that hill.

    And thanks mostly for the reminder to show off a smile every now and then. My mother used to tell me to stop scowling or it will take, and that's how your face will be when you get old. Now I look in the mirror and think, "oh ratz, she was right."

    Happy day to you!

    {I really enjoy the verse. It comes from the same place as painting does it not?)

  7. Never apologize for your words .. they are always welcome.. and lift my spirits.. the smile does too! BJ

  8. Thanks for reminding the simple truth that a smile can go a long way to make others happy..sure this post would lift up many spirits!

  9. great post.... and thanks for the photo! You look very outdoorsy! Ruggedly handsome!