Thursday, 21 April 2011

Chasing One Thing After Another.

It seems ages since I had time to sit down and just share my thoughts. More importantly to take time to look at the blogs of my friends. There really is no excuse, saying I was away on holiday  or working in my plot preparing for planting, the bottom line is we can always find time for the things we consider important. So here I am today. Having chased my tail for more than a week.

Speaking of tails, let me tell you about yesterday. I planted some new flowers in my back garden. No sooner were they in when I looked out and saw a cat lying sunning itself on top of them. I went out and chased it only to see it back in place ten minutes later. This went on for a go hour and more until at last it got the message that it was not welcome in the garden if it was insisting on  that particular spot.

This reminds me of the tale of the two cats. There were two cats a very young one and a very old one. One day the old cat watched as the young one chased its tail round and round in circles. Eventually the old cat purred the question. “Why are you chasing your tail all day?” The young cat responded, “Because it helps me to find happiness.” The old cat mused for a while and said, “ I used to think that also until I learned that no matter where I went my tail followed on anyway.”

The young cat continued to chase his tail. The old cat looked and purred and went off on his way. Sure enough as he left his tail followed him swishing away behind him. He looked very happy.

Happiness is not found in chasing after it. If we get our lives in order happiness follows us.

Have a great day.

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  1. I've been wondering what you've been up to, Ralph!

  2. My neighbor feeds deer all winter. She has at least 10 who feed daily. Now that spring has arrived, they opt for fresh green growth. All my spring bulbs are gnawed to the ground... I love my flower gardens. It's an extension of my creative side. I'd take a cat in the garden over the night munchers I have. I wonder if I'll see any flowers all summer? It's killing my passion to go work out there.

    Lovely cat, Ralph.

  3. It's so easy to get in the habit of chasing our tails and such a wonderful moment when we figure out we don't have too. I guess the kitty liked your flowers.

  4. It is such a liberating moment when you realize that you dont have to chase your own tail anymore to get what you thought you would get!

  5. A tale well told! Happiness is a good subject for wise stories. Now, back to tail chasing!