Wednesday, 13 April 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

I have had over a week in the mountains, enjoying walking and running. There is something exciting about running over rocky surfaces and hilly paths. It is a bit like playing chess; you have to always be one or two steps ahead of yourself. Watching ahead, and preparing for where you are next going to plant your foot. By comparison running on the road is just a case of making sure you do not bump into another person or get chased by a dog.

How wise it is to be prepared and ready. My son joined me for my last day, and we ran together.  As we ran I became aware of my age. I was running with somebody almost half my age. I said to him that I was aware that age was making me a bit slower. He laughed, and commented, “I have two things to say. One you will notice you are in front of me, and two, we have not passed anybody else your age out doing this.’ Point made and point taken.

Then I saw that my years had not been totally wasted. We came to a small river. I had ran this path so often before, I knew where I could, without losing stride, step over two large boulders to the other side. At this point my son said, “Come on dad just go for it.” He proceeded to make the jump , only to land flat on his face his shoes full of water. It is all about the right things at the right time.

There is a tale of another old man and his wife. They were a lovely old couple in there 80s. They had been married for 60 years and were still looking fit and well. In spite of their health they met an untimely end one day in a traffic accident.

They found themselves at the pearly gates. The angel showed them round. They were shown where they would live it was beautiful. The husband asked what the rent would be? They were told it was free. He then noticed just behind his house a beautiful golf course. He enquired what the green fees were and the membership rates. Again he was told it was all free. In the clubhouse he saw all the wonderful food. He asked where all the healthy fat free food was. He was told there was no such thing. He could not get ill so he could enjoy whatever he wanted.

He looked at all this and considered it. He turned to his loving wife and asked her, “What was all that about those awful bran flakes, we could have been here ten years ago.”

The road is in fact just what we make it. Rough or smooth hard or easy. The better road is always the one that leads to a feeling of achievement and wellbeing.

It is good to be back have a good day.

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  1. Hi Ralph. Sounds like you had a wonderful time doing exactly what you love. So glad to hear your son could join you.

  2. Good Morning Ralph, today will be a great day! Yes, glad to see you back and that you have run the good run! Now, your garden is calling you and I want to hear all about it! What will you plant?

  3. Ralph that story made me laugh! I will be 58 tomorrow and trying not to take it too personally. And it is supposed to snow again tomorrow..sigh..I would love to get to the garden..but no one ever plants until Mother's day here in May.

  4. Your son sounds like such a fine young man. You must be so proud of those kids, Ralph. Hope he wasn't hurt and that you hurtled that creek/stream with more elegance!

  5. Both these stories made me laugh today. It's evident what a wonderful relationship you have with your son. (And I'm sure he doesn't mind a bit that you've shared the story of his mishap with all of us?)
    I'm also eating my bran flakes as I read this, wondering if maybe I should go out and get a doughnut...
    Glad you had a nice week in the mountains! And glad to see you back writing your blog!

  6. every age seems to have advantages and disadvantages. I am glad your son is aware how great it is to have a father who takes care of himself and who is is rare! Great story about the couple. I wonder if they drink too much they won't get drunk?

  7. Very fortunate to spend a quality time with a grown up son..these days,it is a luxury,,
    Yes, true, up to us to make the road that we traverse.. harder the road, the better I would say, there will be less competition since most choose easy paths :-)

  8. Glad you've had such a good time doing something you love to do.. You know what I always say. " How old would you think you are, if you didn't know how old you really are? "

  9. Great story! And what a delight to run with your son and have him appreciate the sweetness of the moment. Keep your shoes dry, as you do! There's a fine line between a "wise man" and a "wise guy." You seem to walk it with intention and a sense of humor.