Friday, 10 December 2010

What I Long To Be.

I have spent much time since starting this blog considering moments from my life. Yesterday I read the blog of a fellow blogger. He has been sharing his recent struggle with cancer and trying in the process to make sense of it all. I am not sure what it is but as I read so many blogs I find myself more and more asking myself what and why. What is it I hope to achieve in the time I have left on the planet? Also, I ask why it is I do the things I do.

I am no great wordsmith like so many of the blogs I read. I cannot express myself in verse like Angel Star. I could go on and on and list blog after blog that inspires me with the art they show or the words they write.

So I asked myself again, what and why? I do not for one minute think that this post today will be of any interest to you the reader, so I apologise. Today is a bit of self indulgence.

What I Long To Be.

I long to live as gently as I can,

Soft and worthy as a man

To face life daily good or bad,

To remember, for what it is I stand.

When failure comes as oft it does,

To take it by the hand.

To learn from moments such as these.

A better man to better please.

To never give to shame or sin.

That I may be at peace within.

To stand for what I know is right.

And never fear to face that fight.

To leave some simple things behind.

That those that follow, have me in their mind.

To be at one as each day comes.

With earth and water, wind and fire

To be the gentle man is my desire.

That some may look and consider me kind.

And give thanks for what I leave behind.

The artwork is discussed on my other blog.   The Last Leaf Along The Beach


  1. Good Morning Ralph, today will be a great day!
    Personally I think this is your best post ever, you have asked The Question worth asking and responded in poetry/art. The examined life not only tells us how we became to be but where we are going. thanks, Ralph!

  2. Its a wonderful post! You do not need to be the best at things. Only one can be the best. It doesn't mean all the others aren't worthy. A kind, gentle person at peace with themselves, offering to help others is about the best anyone can strive for. It looks like you're completely on the right track. Don't be so hard on yourself!

  3. Wonderful post. You have expressed so eloquently the answer that many of 'we bloggers' are asking.
    I agree with Jerry; one of the best posts ever.

  4. Ralph, this gave me goosebumps. The last two lines especially. Those words should be on a poster. The artwork is lovely too. I like those close-up still-life type watercolors that you do of the items on the sand.

  5. Eloquent post Ralph. I think we all wish to find the same peace.

  6. It could be me, expressing myself through this post.. sometimes we dont have answers for what we do or why we do. Still life goes on.

  7. Ralph would that all of us "indulge ourselves" with such introspection from time to time. It is wonderful to be able to express yourself in words and art..which you manage beautifully.

  8. to express in words
    what can't be heard
    your hope, your love

  9. Beautiful post Ralph.... We ask ourselves the same questions. I find a quiet feeling at those times that will tell me to just "let be". You have a kind heart Ralph and in life....that is all that is needed, the rest will come. There is so much in your written words that inspire us all. Susan :)