Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I Am Making Progress

Edinburgh Castle

I have been away from this blog for some time and for the very few that take time to read I apologise. It seemed pretty pointless taking the time to write when nobody was taking the time to read.

Then I thought again and here I am. Thanks to those if any who read this. Even greater thanks to those who take the time to comment.  I will read it as I write and I comment in my mind in the process, so I have realised that nothing is meaningless.

Life has been interesting in the time I have been away. I cracked two ribs after slipping on the ice while running. I was attacked and badly bitten by a dog, while running. Maybe it is not writing a blog I should stop, but that is another story.

I have been painting very different  from my normal artwork, one person said I was almost painting normal, but more of that on the other blog.

All in all I am making progress as age slowly but surely catches up on me. My head is buzzing with abstract art, which one day will find its way onto canvas, but yet I am at peace and enjoying the new found art. I am making progress!

Now this reminds me of a tale, one I maybe need to contemplate.

Yen Hui said, "I am making progress."
Confucius asked, "In what way?"
Yen Hui said, "I have given up doing good and being right."
Confucius said, "Very good, but that is not quite enough."
Another day, Yen Hui saw Confucius and said, "I am making progress."
Confucius asked, "In what way?"
Yen Hui said, "I have given up ceremony and music."
Confucius said, "Very good, but that is not quite enough."
Another day, Yen Hui saw Confucius again and said, "I am making progress." Confucius asked, "In what way?"
Yen Hui said, "I just sit and forget."
Confucius was startled and asked, "What do you mean by sitting and forgetting?"
Yen Hui said, "I am not attached to the body and I give up any idea of knowing. By freeing myself from the body and mind, I become one with the infinite. This is what I mean by sitting and forgetting."
Confucius said, "When there is oneness, there are no preferences. When there is change there is no constancy. If you have really attained this, then let me become your pupil."

Yes I think I am making progress, not because I am trying to but because I have stopped trying to.

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  1. Good morning Ralph. It's wonderful to see you today! I'm sorry to hear of your misfortunes. At least it must be better than being hit by a car again... I wish you quick recovery.

    As for your art, yes it has changed. I want to still go read about it. With my own art, when life gets the craziest and negative things are out of my control, my art becomes it's most detailed. It's as though I'm seeking control of something and it come forth with my painting. Perhaps the same is happening to you as well. I'm off to read it. Have a good day my friend.

  2. Ralph, I'm here! I always look for you! I have decided that people are basically lazy and not commenting is the easiest thing to do.
    Also some are just afraid to have an opinion! Not me! Your Castle needs to be much BIGGER! It looks as if painted from a mile away!
    Snow on my garden, Winter Solstice will be here soon!

  3. Thank You Jerry. If you lived here you would know that no matter where you see it from that is it. I is huge yet it is never ever over powering . You cannot get any closer until you are in it.

  4. Good to see you, Ralph. Sorry to hear about the physical problems, which I suppose you could solve by being less active. But, that is completely the WRONG solution to the problem. We could design a safety bubble for you, lightweight and not too cumbersome for the active lifestyle you lead. I'll get to work on that!

  5. Hello Ralph,

    I'm so glad you've started posting again. I am one of those silent readers, who rarely comments, but enjoys what you have to say and the work you have done. I'm sorry about your troubles that have come via running. Perhaps you needed to take a bit of a rest, and the cracked ribs forced that hand. Who knows.

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  7. Phooey! I found a typo and had to redo this:) Hi, Ralph! I'm like Susan and don't always comment, but I enjoy reading your blog. Don't give up running; I know you enjoy it so much. After your ribs heal, maybe you can walk your route during the winter to make sure there isn't any ice and then run back. I also like Katherine's idea of a safety bubble. As for dogs, when will people learn to keep their dogs on a leash or inside a fence? If you love your dog, that's what you do. It's best for all concerned.

    Excellent job on the castle!

  8. Beautiful interpretation of the castle Ralph, loved this work!
    I have always enjoyed your posts, especially when I have found answers to various questions that have bothered my mind. I think we are making a progress only when we are not bound by any expectations of results for our actions.

  9. Love the posting, love the work. Thank you Ralph