Monday, 21 March 2011

Everything Comes Round.

I was talking to somebody very close to me who had received a gift. She was wondering how she could let the person know how grateful she was for the gift. I advised that at this moment she did nothing, other than to say thank you. I went on to tell her that there would come an opportunity sometime to repay the kind thought. That is after all the way of life.

I told her that I would write this blog today to explain my thinking.

He was walking along the road when he saw the stranger coming towards him. The stranger looked somewhat down. As he neared, he smiled to the stranger. It seemed to have an effect on the man; he seemed to brighten up. Later that day he remembered a past kindness that had on another day lifted his feelings. He sat down and wrote a letter to the friend.  The friend on receiving the letter felt so good that later that day he left a bigger than normal tip for the waitress. The waitress was so surprised that she had got this tip on the same day as she had been given a tip for a horse race. She placed the whole tip on the horse to win, and it did just that.

She collected her winnings, and on the way back to work she gave part of it to a poor man sitting on the street corner. The old man had not eaten for two days and bought himself a meal. Feeling better he headed home to the hostel where he lived. As he neared the place he saw a little puppy, clearly abandoned and looking hungry and afraid. He smuggled it up to his room and gave it what he could manage, and made it warm.

Later that night when all the residents of the hostel were sleeping, a resident let a cigarette butt slip from his fingers as he fell asleep. The settle caught fire. The puppy on smelling the smoke caused a commotion of barking. The barking wakened the whole household and everybody was saved from harm.

One of the residents saw his lucky escape as a motivation for improvement. He worked hard and one day he became a doctor and went on to save many more lives.

All of this because of one smile. What had the smile cost? Not a thing and yet look at the ripple effects it caused.

I am sorry I have not been around as often as I would like to be but I have  been preparing my plot and beginning the planting. I have also been digging my old pals plot so that he to will be able to get on with his planting.

I have added one of my Four Seasons paintings to this blog to let you see what they all look like now that I have them framed with a beautiful double mount. (Matt)

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  1. Good Morning Ralph, somewhere a flap of a butterfly wing and somewhere else, a tsunami! I am begining to believe this stuff! My peas are up and so is the spinach! Two weeks and I can start my tomato seeds! Yes!
    I love your painting! It is amazing what a proper frame and matting will do to highlight an artpiece. However, my site is focused on the side table! A little too neat and balanced for my taste but I suspect a lot of meaning to it.
    A Budist temple maybe? and a candle? and tall and centered a wine glass? Reminds me of the game I played in college: if you could place three items on a table to represent you, what would they be? The fun of this game is always in the explanation! missed you, by the way!

  2. another uplifting post...Thanks for the "smile" Ralph. I love how your painting looks on this wall.

  3. The painting (that is your winter piece, n'est-ce pas?) looks fabulous framed and mounted, Ralph. I figured you were working in your garden plot and maybe helping your friend too. I know he must be so appreciative! It must feel so good to come home from a productive day of gardening. Love the story too; pay it forward indeed.

  4. There comes a time in everyones life that they can give back.. so this friend need not worry how to pay back.
    As to your painting, you probably know I prefer warm colors.. but I do like it. . I would not be so balanced (table) .. as I'm not LOL !! congrats on your sales. !

  5. Ralph, thank you for your kind comments on my blog. They mean a lot to me. I think I will enjoy giving paintings away and will be looking for your post on the subject.

  6. That painting looks beautiful framed and on the wall! I love all those shades of blue and green, and the nice feeling it has. It would be perfect on my bedroom wall, which is blue.
    I like the story today too. You gave your friend good advice, as always. Just like you give to your readers. I know I learn so much from your stories and the life lessons you share so well. Thank you for writing them!

  7. Hello Ralph,
    your story somehow reminded me of the meaning of the statement "to pay forward".
    Have a nice weekend.