Monday, 10 September 2012

A Drop of Water.

Floral Abstract.

We have just taken delivery of a further two bins in our armoury of rubbish (garbage) disposal system. What used to the  bin we used for paper and cardboard has now become the landfill bin, half the size of the original landfill bin. We have been given a new bin for plastic and metal cans. The bin we had for garden refuse now takes food waste from the kitchen and we have a little kitchen waste bin in which to collect it.

If nothing else this new regime has caused much discussion. “What are we gonna dae wi ah thae bins.” I do not have time to sort out all that stuff before putting it in separate bins.” “When that landfill bin is full I will just take the rest down the road and dump it.” These are some of the negative responses. I have tried to embrace the new regime
 and do as best I can to keep the waste going to landfill sites to a minimum.

Sometimes the debating gets to a wider level. Which country per person produces the most waste? If every country created as much how long could we survive?

As part of my teaching material and examination papers I prepared for Scottish schools, the environment was one of my topics, so I am loving the raised interest in the whole subject.

Here is an interesting thought for all those who say they do not care, or have given it little thought. Those who say the planet will survive. I am 100% sure the planet will survive, it always has. But it has evolved in its survival and if we continue to act as we do in our concern for it, it may survive but by leaving humanity out of the process.

A Zen master named Gisan asked a young student to bring him a pail of water to cool his bath.
The student brought the water and, after cooling the bath, threw on to the ground the little that was left over.
“You dunce!” the master scolded him. “Why didn’t you give the rest of the water to the plants? What right have you to waste even a drop of water in this temple?”
The young student attained Zen in that instant. He changed his name to Tekisui, which means a drop of water.

We who paint because we are inspired by the beauty of nature should hold our concern for the planet like a feather in the palm of our hands.

This is the way of Tao.

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  1. Some areas are more aware of good environmental practices than others. Islands seems to be especially aware and aggressive in managing their limited resources -- like the islands I have visited this summer. They limit fresh water and charge boaters to take their garbage. I think that if awareness leads to change, it's a grand thing. Don't you?

  2. We will be judged by our garbage Ralph no doubt! By the trees we cut, the forests we destroy, every drop of oil we cast upon the water. And, yes, the Earth will fight back, it always has. It is not nice to fool "Mother Nature"! We were supposed to be caretakers of this planet and we have not done a very good job. Maybe now, one drop at a time, we can undo the damage we have done. We can appreciate the day or use that time to destroy things.

  3. very thoughtful post. I wonder why it is so hard to get the general populace to understand that this beautiful island in space is our only home and our responsibility to care for it.

  4. I think it's wonderful that Scotland is setting such a good example for the rest of the world. I remember what an adjustment it was to start recyling plastic bottles and aluminum cans, but now we don't give a second thought. Upcoming generations will be separating their trash as a habit. (That said, I would probably balk at the idea of all those bins in my garage all of a sudden) The painting is so pretty! I like the flowers surrounded by your own abstract style. It's unique and creative!

  5. Well, recyclying here has been on for years, one bin for aluminum, one for plastic, another for paper etc....
    It's a good thing yes, but everyone needs to do it.. not just a few.
    While driving on roads it makes me furious to see that people still throw papers, cans etc. out the car windows..
    It's an educated process, but lets face it not everyone
    is educated... Let's not forget, 'this is the only planet that has chocolate.'( Hmmmmm! I think !!!!! BJ

  6. P.S. forgot to say... Love the flower painting.