Thursday, 16 June 2011

Is The Truth So Difficult?

It seems amazing how difficult it is for some people to just be honest. Now let me define that just a little bit further. It seems difficult for some people to admit that they are wrong or are to blame.  Why do I find that so strange? We, we do seem to live in a blame culture. We are always ready to point the finger of blame. Accidents no longer happen, because somebody has to be blamed for everything. The number of ambulance chasing law firms seems to be steadily on the increase, and sadly they seem to be managing to stay in business.

Now take that and then think about this lovely experiment I heard about the other day.  A student research group prepared two job application letters. The made both of the candidates have the exact same qualifications and the exact same amount of experience.  The one, and only thing, they made different in both was in the section where both had to give some personal thoughts about themselves. David highlighted all of his good qualities missing out not a thing. John on the other hand not only mentioned all his good qualities he also mentioned that at times he could be difficult to live with.

The two applications were shown to a number of employers and each was asked to make comment and to state which if any of the two they would hire. Without exception all employers opted for John. When asked why, they all made comment on the fact that they were impressed with his open honesty about his weakness.

What brings all this to my mind?  In the last two weeks while out running , I have had  a number of occasions when I find snarling dogs snapping round my heels. There is nothing more alarming when running than a barking and bared tooth dog.  When I stopped for one and asked the owner to control his dog he responded, “It is because you are wearing bright clothes and look strange.”  Another owner said, “It is because you are running that they are doing that.”  Another lady with three very large dog, one with a muzzle, said, “There is no sign saying I have to have the dogs on a lead.”  In all cases, who was to blame? It seems it was all my fault. I looked wrong, I dressed wrong or I had the nerve to run.

Not one apologised and admitted they should at least have had some control over their dog. You know what? This morning I met a man and his dog. As I passed it headed towards me barking. Like a shot he was after it and got its collar and put it on the lead and apologised.  Will I be nice to him in the future? Of course I will. I so like open and honest people. So refreshing.

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  1. Good Morning Ralph, nice to see you running! Well, that's why I don't run. I have my truck if I need to get someplace and everything, including dogs, seem to get out of my way!

  2. I agree, a dog that comes running after you is very alarming. Some people are so good with their dogs and others aren't. Here we have a leash law. I'm not a dog person and for some reason, dog people think everyone is or should be a dog person. They have no problem letting their handheld tied dog come sniff you inappropriately and linger there for an unusually length of time, even if you're showing distress and trying to shoo their dog away. On occasion, I've even asked they pull their dog away only to be told that the dog is friendly and it is I who has a problem! After all, everyone loves to pet their dog when they bring him along...

  3. I love dogs (all animals, as a matter of fact)and I do not care for irresponsible pet owners. We have a leash law here, but not everyone obeys it. You would think that even if they don't care about anyone else, these people care about their pets and would keep them on leashes so they don't get run over by cars. Good night! You are perfectly justified, Ralph.

  4. My dog tries to chase after runners and bike riders too, but when I see somebody approaching I tell my dog very sternly that he is going to stay "off", and I keep repeating it until the person has passed us by. Then of course I give him a treat (the dog, not the person).
    I like the job interview story too. I remember having interviews where I was asked to tell my greatest strength and my worst weakness as a teacher. That's a tough question to answer, but a good one to think about.

  5. Hi Ralph...yes, it is very unusual that a person will admit to being wrong! I am so accustomed to no one taking responsibility for anything that I am always shocked if they do! I think it has gotten worse over the years. Good post to remind us all that it simply won't hurt to admit when we are wrong!

  6. Then we have those people such as myself who manage to blame themselves for everything wrong in the world today. Its always my fault, this I can count on. A sad but true statement about myself, Ralph. I am in total agreement with you on this issue and I have a healthy respect for that man that apologized for his dog to you.

  7. set upon by dogs
    though i am just a man
    innocently running upon the earth
    the dogs are descendents of wolves
    the people may have descended from apes?
    it is all such a mystery

    love, angelstar

  8. I like your honesty too. You always write such inspirational posts. Like a breath of fresh air.