Thursday, 20 December 2012

Silence Only Comes....

St Peter's Church Inverkeithing

When painting, I normally consider for days before painting the first stroke.  Once the painting is securely in my mind I lay out the paint and make the first mark on the canvas.

Then the fever commences and I work with hardly a break until what is in my head is on the canvas. It is intense but it could never be described as peaceful.

I read blogs of friends and some take days to paint a picture, others take weeks and some months.

I have been working on a pen and ink of Dunfermline Abbey and the ruins of the old palace. More of that when I share that particular painting. Today is the beginning of my second day working on this. The longest I think I have ever spent on one work. It has brought a different sense of passion and intensity. The big difference is that I am not doing it because I am hoping it sells. I am doing it because I think the subject deserves to be depicted. In the process it gives me time to remember my youth and the times spent around this building. Again more of that when I share the finished work.

Yesterday after my post, I received a mail that touched me deeply. Thank you to the person who sent it and wants to remain in the back with that.

The strangest lesson I have learned in this process, is one I have known for years but never fully understood.

Let me explain that with this very simple and very short story.

An easygoing disciple complained that he had never experienced the Silence that the Master frequently commended.
Said the Master, "Silence only comes to active people."

But active does not always mean furious activity. Strange that this has never occurred to me before.

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  1. What a lovely piece, Ralph. I like the idea of painting what one feels deserves to be depicted. Also, I just wrote a few thoughts on your question of the other day. I like this new direction of your work very much.

  2. Good Morning Ralph, this is beautiful. It will sell but don't sell the print rights to it. They will make wonderful cards for collectors. Silence? Not old enough, that is not me...yet.

  3. you've done a wonderful job on the church---your reverence shines through!

  4. Dear Ralph - stumbled upon your blog. Your pen and ink is wonderful. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season. Merry Christmas.