Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Make People Happy and be Happy Yourself.

In Reverence He Stands

A friend has asked me more than once to return to blogging so here I am giving it another try. I have been here reading blogs of friends but each time I have gone to make a comment I have dried up of thoughts. I has been the same with painting the last four or five weeks, every time I put a canvas on the easel I just cannot bring myself to put out some paint. I feel uninspired. At the same time I am running better than I have in years, running every single day and going further miles than I have in years, running routes I never thought I would run again.

Apart from that life goes on as normal. It is that time of the year when I am harvesting my plot. This gives me the opportunity to leave little bags of fresh salad and potatoes and cabbage on the doorsteps of those whom I think would enjoy the little extra fresh food. I get pleasure doing this secretly. I have always believed that acts of kindness are so much more joy than the present pastime of mocking people so many seem to have.

This reminds me of a tale I have not used here before.

There once lived on the African plains a rhino that was very easily angered. One day a giant turtle strayed into his territory unknowingly. On spotting the turtle the rhino ran over with the intention of getting rid of him. The turtle in fear did as all turtles do in such situations withdrew into his shell.

When the rhino demanded he leave, there was not a sign of any movement. This angered the rhino so much; he thought the turtle was fooling with him. He started banging on the shell with his marvelous horn in an effort to get the turtle to come out. With no success he tried harder and harder. The poor turtle was hurtled this way and that. From a distance it looked as if the rhino was practicing for an important football match.
Soon a load of monkeys gathered in the trees to watch the spectacle making it even more like a football game. The laughed and laughed at the antics of the rhino. The rhino was so angry he didn’t even notice that the monkeys were there. On and on it went until he had to stop for breath.
In the moment of silence he heard the monkey laughter. He became aware that they were making fun of him. Neither the rhino, or for that matter the turtle whom had emerged from his shell enjoyed the fact that they were being mocked by a gang of monkeys.
They looked at each other and the turtle nodded and retreated back into his shell. The rhino gathered himself, stepped back a few paces as if readying to take a penalty kick, and ran hard kicking the turtle straight at the monkeys. The turtle flew through the air and hit the monkeys like a row of skittles sending them flying.
Suddenly the place looked like an emergency ward for monkeys. They lay all over the place bruised and battered. Meanwhile the turtle and the rhino, smiling like old friends walked off the scene together.
The monkeys realized that there had to be better ways of amusing yourself than mocking and laughing at others.
I hope you have a lovely day and the smiles you see are the smiles of joy and not the sneers of fools.

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  1. Always nice to see you here, Ralph. Running still? Don't you have a car? Glad your garden is producing well, I like that kind of abundance!

  2. I'm so thrilled to be reading one of your insightful, thought-provoking stories as I eat my cereal this morning! Thank you for sharing your wisdom here once again. I like this story not only for the lesson the monkeys learned, but for the lesson the rhino learned, about perhaps controlling his anger and not seeing every stranger that comes along as a threat to himself, but rather as an ally. Hope you ran well again today, that is such a remarkable thing that you're doing, and setting such a good example for so many people who see you out there keeping fit and enjoying life to the fullest. The same can be said of your gardening, and the fresh produce that you share with so many others. Your inspiration is needed in this world, Ralph!

  3. Well, I know some of those monkeys. Good story, Ralph.

  4. I see these monkeys a lot and I pity them, great lesson to learn, lovely story!