Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Becoming a Butterfly.

Yes I do some very silly things in the course of a week. In fact I often manage to do at least one really silly thing a day. I have this little watch, not a costly thing at all, the strap is made of rubber. It is good when running, light in weight and not accurate enough to have me trying to push to beat a deadline. You see it does not have any numerals on its face. It has a dot at the place where the 12 should be and that is it. So most of my times end with an “ish” Yesterday I went walking and was enjoying stravaging along in no particular hurry. Twice I remember glancing at this watch and thinking, “I can have a bit longer sitting here.”  When I headed back home I was surprise to see the clock on the church tower. It was telling me a time I most certainly had not expected. I looked at my little watch, I had it on upside down.

Twice in the course of yesterday I heard somebody complaining about his or her life. How long and boring the day was , every day the same. Another person complaining about the job they had, and how they longed for something better. I, on both occasions looked at them and could not believe how young they were. Then I have to remember everybody looks young to me.

The first time I bit my tongue and said nothing, the second time I said to the person, “If you want to become a butterfly. First you have to stop wanting to be a caterpillar. You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar
You have to want to get rid of the old you and find the new you. Once you become the butterfly you can soar and fly. As long as you want to hold on to the caterpillar you better just get used to all the ground hugging and crawling it entails.

Sorry if I am back on my box this morning

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  1. Alas and alack, Ralph. I'm afraid some of us just will never find that butterfly within. Too much conditioning (whether by self or from others or a combo of both). At any rate, I'm on it...trying to find that oh so elusive butterfly that is. You made me laugh about the watch. Something I would do!

  2. Words of wisdom. I want to know the reaction of those you told this to.

  3. haha love the clock story. I agree about the butterfly. I like to flutter around and I wind up in places that I didn't expect to be. Everyday is an experiment for me. I agree about how everyone looks so young. When I want to feel young, I go hang out with a bunch of 80 year olds. haha

  4. Ralph, Like this post a lot.. I could relate to more than one issue. The watch, the 'everybody looks younger' and the butterfly .. flying is so much better than crawling. It takes you places you've never been to before.

  5. I wonder what their response was??? I bet there was a bit of surprise in it that someone would talk to them this way. I remember years ago a girl in my office complaining that her life wasn't going her way because her parents did this and that and told her this and that and on and on. I asked her how old she was which was mid-twenties. I said it's about time she started living her own life and taking responsibility for the choices she is making now. Her parents aren't stopping her from anything now. She didn't even respond. Some people just want to grouse and always will. I guess those are the caterpillars you speak of.

  6. upside down is fine
    to find the time
    flying up
    or down
    the sky and ground