Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Spider.

I watched a spider working on the repair of its web. It worked without stopping repairing the broken strands caused by the unexpected heavy shower of rain. We see these webs so often and they go unnoticed as we hurry past. In the early hours when there is frost in the air or the touch of summer dew, they sparkle like wondrous works of art capturing the eye. Such beauty, and yet also the instruments of death for the unsuspecting fly caught in them.

Life is full of traps that beckon us into their lairs. I am sure I need not labour this point we all are aware of the little traps we get caught in. This morning for me it was the lair of sloth. I got up early ready to run but for one reason or another I never got over the front door.

There is a lovely story about spiders. Spiders are usually born on the lower branches of bushes or trees. Some for one reason or another decide to stay right there in the lower branches where, when old enough they leave the web of their parents and move over to another corner and build their own web. There is the safety they catch the odd fly and have enough on which to life, not fat a full but they get by. Others decide to climb to the higher branches and build their webs on the exposed branches of the trees and bushes. These are the webs that get torn and battered by wind and rain. They are also the webs that are up there where most of the flies are, so the captures they make a re more frequent. In turn these spiders eat better, are stronger and bigger.

One day one such spider met a very small young spider on the branch of a bush. The young spider looked at the big one in awe. The large spider asked what the youngster was looking at. “Your size,” said the youngster.  “Ah ,” said the large spider. The large spider went on to explain that some spider chose to stay safe in the dark lower branches while others decided to struggle to the top. At the top the work was hard but the rewards were plenty.

“So , you see,” said the large spider, “You can look up in jealousy from place of safety or you can work hard and build castles in the sky.”

It is a bit like painting really. You can potter about with the things you feel comfortable with or you can strike out and try things new and make art to delight the heart.

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  1. The spider story is a good one.. I think it depends on how much the spider wants out of life.. There is the danger of reaching high and the safety of staying low.. close and comfortable.
    Your right about taking those chances in painting.. BJ

  2. I think a bit of sloth on occasion might good for you, Ralph. You just keep going and going!

  3. I liked the way you connected the wisdom of the spider with the challenge that lies within the creation of art. So very true in real life as well!

  4. this made me think (your posts always do!) yeah....I want to be one who try the new things and "delight the heart"....great post, Ralph

  5. Good Story as usual. Sometimes I wonder why I push the limits with paint and support, and then realize we farmed for a living ... I haven't figured out if we were building a castle or living underground in a cave. Some of both. I now need to think ... and I see a painting ... Thanks!

  6. Thats such a good story and very well-written. I've always admired spider webs and often thought about how they look so delicate, but they are really very strong. And it's interesting that even in a simple species like spiders, there are those special few who will reach for the stars, or build wonderful castles in the sky, and inspire others to do the same. Thats why I like to start my day reading your blog!

  7. wonderful story.,. I think I am a spider who gets part way up the tree and runs down when she gets tired or scared then back up I go..sometimes farther up the tree sometimes not very far.