Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Try Again

 I was talking to a friend the other day that was despairing of never managing to do all that he wanted. He forgets that he is not the same age as he was last year or the year before. For that matter none of us are as young as yesterday. His complaining made me do two things. 

The first, was for me to remind him of the story of King Robert The Bruce. He was a very famous person in Scottish history. When I was a boy I was told a story of him in a cave with a spider. I apologise if you have heard it before, but it did make an impression on me and stuck with me.

He had just suffered a defeat at the hands of the English and was hiding in this cave. He was thinking it was all over and that he should just retreat and go home. While he sat there he saw this spider trying to make a web. It tried and it tried until eventually it managed to begin, from then on it got easier. Robert thought, if this spider can do it so  will I do what needs to be done.

I was surprised that my friend had never heard this story , and I am not sure it had the impact it did on me but he did leave with a smile.

The second thing it reminded me of was this tree I saw while away in the mountains. I know some of my fellow bloggers have a real love of trees, as have I. I could not resist this picture or two.
I remember a tree that grew in the churchyard of my last church. I took the children out of the service one Sunday morning to show them this tree, a tree they had passed many, many times and hardly noticed.  

At some  distant time a bird had dropped a seed and it had lodged in the crack in a stone. As the years had passed the tree had grown and grown until it had split the rock in two. The moral of that story was simple. Some things in life are not easy, but they are not impossible.

I used to say to my own children, “All things are possible, but miracles take a little longer than most.”

I have added another picture of this marvellous tree on my other blog.   Enfolding Love


  1. Good Morning Ralph, yes, life is great, a smorgasboard and nothing on the menu is impossible! My tomatoes have their second set of leaves in the greenhouse!

  2. Nice story and beautiful, strong tree!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Two very good stories. I'm going to share the spider web story with my students before they take on their big achievement tests next week. Maybe if they approach all those pages of questions one little bit at a time, before they know it, they will have finished the test.
    The story of the seed makes me think of my students too, actually. Each of them is like a seed trying to grow into all that it can be, some of them growing from the very best of conditions and some from very difficult conditions. But all of them deserve to grow and flourish.
    Wonderful stories today! I really love that tree photo!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous tree, Ralph. I'm a huge tree lover so find this one just magical indeed.

  5. love this tree and your story..

  6. it's always great to read something positive on your blog, Ralph...I have never heard the spider story,...just imagine that a tiny spider could have such an influence on an important man...makes me think about how all things are connected. Those are neat photos.... they masterfully illustrate your meaning.