Monday, 7 February 2011

Barry, The Workplace Idiot

It is so easy to open our mouths and say something without thinking of what it is we are saying. If somebody else agrees with you or finds what you have said funny before you know it somebody has become the butt of all jokes.

I remember a young lad who worked beside me his name was Barry. Barry had his problems, he was slow on the uptake. What to some people seemed like a simple task took Barry a bit longer to work it out.

One day somebody made a comment about him. “Room temperature IQ, that one” Everybody found it very funny, and before long Barry became the one who people poked fun at in order to join the in crowd. Here are a few others of the things that were said about him.
  •    One short of a six-pack.
  •    Bright as Alaska in December.
  •  If brains were taxed he would get a rebate.
  •   Posses the wisdom of youth and the energy of old age.
  • He must have got into the gene pool while the life guard wasn’t watching.
  •  He reached rock bottom long ago – and then he kept digging.
  • The doors are open, the lights are on, but nobody is at home.
  • He is depriving some village of an idiot.
So it went on. A book could have been written of all the little quips that people came up with about Barry.

Well maybe. But I like Barry. He was the only one who always had a kind word to say to me when I met him. He was the one who always asked if I needed anything. Truth is if I wanted somebody to help me with anything Barry would have been the first person I would have gone to find.

It is easy to make the off the cuff remark without thinking about the consequences of the remark.

I have often found it to be the case that what people accuse another of is so often the failing of their own lives.

The person who has surrounded themselves with possessions, and never has that little bit to give to charity, accuses others of being greedy.

Just a thought.

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  1. Good morning Ralph, today will be a perfect day!
    The problem with "Barry" is we all have a little Barry in ourselves. That is why it is tempting to stay safely in our elements, not venture too far, and have fear in saying anything, least the "Barry" in us shows up! I know that when I point one finger at him that I am pointing three fingers at me. Yes, I have been "Barry", many times.

  2. A good thought, indeed. I used to work with two people like Barry. I assigned their work stations each day, and just slowed down a bit when talking with them. The best workers I ever had, and very nice friends.